A Melbourne native, Pete spent his childhood in the outer eastern hills subsisting on diet of skateboarding, cartoons and 70’s cars. Coming back to his art in his twenties he produced ceramics, comics, studied multimedia at RMIT and is now a dab hand web designer. However Pete saves his greatest loves for his painting and with a fastidious hand revels in a bright, acrylic world of Mid-Century characters, old school pastimes and pop typography. Pete now lives down the coast with his wife and twin girls and built a sweet little studio to paint in. It is kept very neat.

Contact: bakaxe@gmail.com


The Fast Can’t Lose
Outré Gallery
October 6 – 15th, 2017
Interview | Paintings

Art with Heart
Truly Deeply
2012 – 2017

The One Moto Show
Portland, Oregon
Selected for 2016

The Butter Factory